Good News! Every Super Tako has been adopted : Closing shop

Thank you everyone for you continued support of the Super Takos adoption center. All of the Super Takos have been adopted out to loving homes. You guys are the best!!! We can officially close shop now. For those of you that have adopted, thank you. You have a very special one of a kind buddy to hang with now. Show them lots of love.

-Nurse Kat

The Super Takos Are Heading to Kawaiiland NY

Next stop, Kawaiiland NY!

The cutest event in the world!

Featuring all things KAWAII!! ★☆ Fashion Shows, Art, Music, Booths, Special Appearances and much much more!!

Huge Afterparty by Whisper NY

Check out video from their Los Angeles event!

★☆ 18 and over ★☆

Featuring kawaii-themed photo shoots, food, art, fashion,vendors and panels and celebrity appearances from style and Instagram stars in the Japanese fashion community.

The ultimate Kawaii experience seeks to promote and share the love for all things Japanese and feature the best of our local Japanese influenced artists, fashion designers, makeup and hairstylists, musicians, photographers and more! For our attendees we will also feature kawaii workshops and lots of yummy food noms and a super purikura photobooth.


New New New Kawaii Designs

It’s been a few years since the first Super Takos were created! The Super Takos will soon be evolving. Stay tuned for what will be changing. I promise, those cute faces will remain the same! Get the last of the original design Super Takos while they last.

We Have a Winner – Super Tako Stan Lee – Comikaze 2013

Comikaze Expo in LA was amazing! We met so many new people including a few actors. The winner of the Super Stan Lee Tako was Anthony Melendez from California. We were able to raise $100 for The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ and I contributed an additional $150 of my own money that we made Comikaze weekend. Thank you everyone for contributing.

Comikaze Winner 2013 Super Tako Stan Lee

Subarashii- Super Tako Trip to San Francisco and Yosemite in California

This weekend I received an email from a brand new Super Tako, Subarashii. Her name means fabulous, and she is, in fact, one fabulous super tako. About a month ago Subarashii was born in Harajuku, Japan, right before her favorite human was about to visit California. Subarashii and Alisa first went to Yosemite.

They went for a long hike together and even ran into a bear. Subarashii was, luckily, able to visit before the forest fire that is currently impacting the area. They saw lots of waterfalls, pretty flowers and had a fantastic time. The entire park is 761,268 acres. Over 3.7 million people visit Yosemite each year.

Next, she visited San Francisco where her and Alisa had frapaccinos while sitting by the bay. They had a brief rain shower but every shower ends with a rainbow somewhere when Subarashii is around.

The last place they visited was the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge has been declared one of the Wonders of the Modern World by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It opened in 1937 and had until 1964 the longest suspension bridge main span in the world, at 4,200 feet.

After their trip was over Subarashii headed home to Harajuku with Alisa. The last time I spoke with them they were enjoying donuts at the Tamagochi Donut stand at the entrance to Harajuku. They’re a crazy pair. I can’t wait to hear from them again soon.

The Big News for Comikaze is here!

The big news for Comikaze Expo is here! I will have three different Super Tako Exclusives available from Nov 1-3 2013. There will be 8 Thor and 8 Loki Super Takos. There will be only 1 Stan Lee Extra Large Super Tako. The Stan Lee Super Tako will benefit the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ for areas hardest hit by hurricane Sandy. Wind, rain, and erosion caused all sorts of issues for not only the people but the animals that live in NJ. Tickets will be sold all weekend and you will not have to be present for the announcement of the winner.
Stan Lee Comikaze Extra Large Super Tako by Kat's Anime Hats raffle for CWF NJ
We will have a contact book to contact the winner after the raffle has been completed. After we contact the winner, we will be shredding the contact information. You information will not be sold or used for anything other than to contact the raffle winner.

Comikaze Exclusives and Exciting News Coming Soon.

Comikaze 2013 will be Friday November 1 through Sunday November 3. I have two exclusives this year; Thor and Loki Super Takos. I only made 8 of each one. It typically takes 3-4 hours to make each one by hand. They will be available with birth certificates, adoption papers, and the plushie itself. Each Super Tako exclusive is $30 including all of their paperwork.
Comikaze Expo Kat's Anime Hats Exclusive Super Takos Thor and Loki Los Angeles California 2013
Comikaze will be held in Los Angeles, California in the Los Angeles Convention Center. For more information on Comikaze you can check them out at
You should also keeps your eyes open for a big announcement. Kat’s Anime Hats, the Super Takos, and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ are teaming up to bring you a sweet raffle opportunity at Comikaze. Raffle procedes will benefit the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ to help wildlife areas, endangered species, habitats, and areas impacted by the rough weather we’ve been getting here in NJ.

Sakura- Super Tako Trip to Washington DC Tidal Basin

The past month was The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. This years festival ran from March 20 to April 14. People from all over the world visit Washington DC to see the cherry trees and to celebrate the friendship between the United States and Japan.

Sakura was especially happy since she was hatched with sakura petals. “Sakura” is Japanese for Cherry Blossom. There are so many types of cherry trees at the Tidal Basin. There are approximately 3750 cherry trees total! You can check out the history of the gift of the cherry trees here.

Sakura Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms DC Super Takos

The last week of the festival usually has the largest events. The peak of the cherry blossom season was Wednesday and Saturday was the parade followed by the Sakura Matsuri/street festival. We sold all day long at the Matsuri and adopted out a lot of Super Takos. We saw a lot of old friends and made lots of new ones. Sunday we went to the Tidal Basin.

There were lots of things to do. We spent most of our time near the paddle boats just walking around and visiting everything. Here is Sakura and Hunter with “Paddles” the beaver. He is in charge of reminding guest to not pull down and pick the cherry blossoms. He is very protective of his trees. If we pull down all of the blossoms and branches they may not grow back. You could even damage the trees by accident.

Sakura was just having fun hanging around. It was a very bright and sunny day so the shade felt really nice.

We made it all the way around the tidal basin. We could even see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial from the other side of the Tidal Basin. Even though we didn’t go during full peak, it was beautiful.

Sakura is on a trip back to Japan to celebrate Golden Week that is coming up shortly. She’ll be having lots of Sakura flavored items including Kit-Kats and Ice Cream. I do wish we had some of that over here. Maybe I can get her to send me some.

Super Tako Store Front now Open!!

The adoption center now has a real store front!! You can find it here. Hurray for Add To Cart and Paypal. Remember all Takos are handmade so it does take a few days to make your new Super Tako. If you need more information please check out the FAQ section. I will be attending Magfest next week but will still be answering emails. You will see the cart in the top ride sidebar if you want to keep track of how many Takos you are adopting. Then it is as simple as checking out with Paypal. If you should have ANY issues with the new store front please send me an email through the FAQ/Contact page immediately so I can fix the issue. Thanks

New! Limited Exclusive Super Tako : Kaze

Hunter, John, and I arrived in Los Angeles, California yesterday. We have been holding onto a few Super Tako eggs that we haven’t been able to hatch. We were hoping something would set them off so we could get a new Tako in time for Comikaze. We were right. One of our Tako Eggs hatched!!!

We were setting up in the Los Angeles Convention center. Everything was a mess on the table and we were just trying to get our adoption center together. I dropped one of the eggs on the floor. I was really worried I broke the little egg. (That would have been sad). When I picked the egg up, it was glowing. It had a weird golden swirl that was inside of the egg. We kept the hatching egg safe since he or she seemed to be taking their time to transform. We finished up for the day and went back to our hotel.

At 1am Sept 15th 2012 Kaze was born! He’s a cute little guy who is into comic books, board games, and science. His favorite things to eat are shwarma and avocados! I guess California is really the place for him. Kaze’s name means wind. He was running around the hotel room looking out the window trying to find the convention center. It’s a good thing our hotel is close to the convention center!

We arrived early today at the convention center to give Kaze the tour of the place. It’s absolutely amazing. He even found some other plushie transportation. We had to give that back though. It was fun while it lasted.

I will have just enough time to get 15 Kazes finished before the convention doors open today. Please make sure, if you want to adopt one, that you get to my tables, 439 and 538, as soon as possible. You can find us on the floor map at Kat’s Anime Hats tables. With the limited number, they are bound to go quickly. I will also have all of the other Takos available for adoption. Kaze’s adoption will be $30 and will come with all of the paperwork. All other Super Tako Adoptions will be $25.

Remember, all plushie adoptions help support the Super Takos adoption center so we can help everyone have a Tako friend. We have many different Takos that will match your personality. You can even adopt one for a friend! You will get your Super Tako plushie, adoption paper, birth certificate, and background story on your Super Tako! Each plushie represents your support for the Super Tako of your choice! This will help me, Nurse Kat, feed and take care of the Takos. I always love when we get a new Tako!!! I hope to see you at the convention today.

-Nurse Kat