New! Limited Exclusive Super Tako : Kaze

Hunter, John, and I arrived in Los Angeles, California yesterday. We have been holding onto a few Super Tako eggs that we haven’t been able to hatch. We were hoping something would set them off so we could get a new Tako in time for Comikaze. We were right. One of our Tako Eggs hatched!!!

We were setting up in the Los Angeles Convention center. Everything was a mess on the table and we were just trying to get our adoption center together. I dropped one of the eggs on the floor. I was really worried I broke the little egg. (That would have been sad). When I picked the egg up, it was glowing. It had a weird golden swirl that was inside of the egg. We kept the hatching egg safe since he or she seemed to be taking their time to transform. We finished up for the day and went back to our hotel.

At 1am Sept 15th 2012 Kaze was born! He’s a cute little guy who is into comic books, board games, and science. His favorite things to eat are shwarma and avocados! I guess California is really the place for him. Kaze’s name means wind. He was running around the hotel room looking out the window trying to find the convention center. It’s a good thing our hotel is close to the convention center!

We arrived early today at the convention center to give Kaze the tour of the place. It’s absolutely amazing. He even found some other plushie transportation. We had to give that back though. It was fun while it lasted.

I will have just enough time to get 15 Kazes finished before the convention doors open today. Please make sure, if you want to adopt one, that you get to my tables, 439 and 538, as soon as possible. You can find us on the floor map at Kat’s Anime Hats tables. With the limited number, they are bound to go quickly. I will also have all of the other Takos available for adoption. Kaze’s adoption will be $30 and will come with all of the paperwork. All other Super Tako Adoptions will be $25.

Remember, all plushie adoptions help support the Super Takos adoption center so we can help everyone have a Tako friend. We have many different Takos that will match your personality. You can even adopt one for a friend! You will get your Super Tako plushie, adoption paper, birth certificate, and background story on your Super Tako! Each plushie represents your support for the Super Tako of your choice! This will help me, Nurse Kat, feed and take care of the Takos. I always love when we get a new Tako!!! I hope to see you at the convention today.

-Nurse Kat