Mizu- Super Tako Message from Sapporo Japan

Mizu and Kevin managed to get me one more update before the Super Takos arrival in Los Angeles, California for Comikaze. Mizu, as you know was born in Sapporo, Japan. He is still living there today. He’s been hanging out at the fish market trying to help Mr Sakana sell his fish. From what I hear, they have been very successful! Mizu stopped by the Sapporo Dome, Biei’s flower gardens, and Sapporo Tower. Here he is at Sapporo Dome.

Sapporo Dome is an interesting stadium since it is home to both the baseball and soccer (football) teams. Each team plays on two completely different surfaces. The baseball team plays on artificial turf while the soccer team plays on grass. They do this by using a sliding pitch to switch between the two types. There are only a few stadiums in the world that can do this.

Next, he made a stop at Biei’s flower gardens. Biei is well known for its vast fields of flowers. It is frequently used in TV shows and commercials because it it so beautiful.

As you can see these fields are huge! This is one spot I haven’t gotten to see myself. I would love to go there some day. Biei’s flower gardens are located in Hokkaido. This is the largest producer of carrots. Needless to say, Ninjin visits Mizu here to go carrot picking.

The last place Mizu visited was Sapporo TV Tower.

Sapporo TV tower was built by the same man that planned the Tokyo Tower. This tower serves as a repeater for AIR-G’ and FM North Wave, a radio station. After their trip Mizu traveled to Tokyo with Kevin. Kevin went home and Mizu got on a plane for California. He’s planning to vacation there a bit until the convention comes around. I will be out there sortly as well where all of the Super Takos are going to meet and get ready to open our Super Takos stand at Comikaze! I will also have my stand open for Kat’s Anime Hats. That is what I started out doing before I began adopting out Super Takos. Remember Super Takos adoptions are $25 each. This included your Super Tako, Adoption Paper, Birth Certificate, and their background story! I have one tako egg on me that I haven’t been able to hatch. Maybe something will set it off when we get there. It would be nice to have a new Super Tako to adopt out when we get there.

-Nurse Kat

Yaki- Super Takos Message from Osaka Japan

I received and email last night from Kevin and Yaki. Yaki is doing quiet well in Osaka. He met Kevin at the Shin-Osaka Train station.

Super Takos Yaki Shin Osaka Train Station

This is a station on the Shinkansen JR train route. Some of you may know this train as the “bullet train”. The Shinkansen can get up to 189mph!!

Yaki and Kevin were hungry. Yaki ate some ramen while Kevin got takoyaki. There isn’t a better place to get takoyaki than Osaka. You can tell by the picture, Yaki was a little nervous about Kevin eating it. After all, they are just fried octopus.

Super Takos Yaki Takoyaki

Yaki knew he had nothing to worry about, so they went for a walk around the main areas of Osaka. They even went all the way to the top of Tsutenkaku. The building’s name means “tower reaching heaven”. This observation tower is a well known landmark in Osaka.
Super Takos Yaki Tsutenkaku Tower Osaka

On the fifth floor of the observation deck is Billiken, “the god of happiness”. Billiken was actually created by an American artist. Many people go up to the observation tower to rub his feet for good luck! Kevin made sure he to rub Billiken’s feet since it was his birthday. They didn’t have time to get cake, however, Yaki surprised Kevin and celebrated by getting ice cream crepes for both of them. Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope you guys are having fun.

-Nurse Kat

Sora and Suna- Super Takos Ocean City, NJ Vacation

Sora and Suna were hanging out at the shore with me today. They flew in from Japan this morning. They were eager to see the beach so we decided to visit Ocean City. Here is Suna hanging out at the 7th Street Surf Shop. Here she was trying on clothes and hats. She likes this hat in particular.

Next she was checking out skimboards. They did have a bunch to pick from.

She picked out a nice red on and went out on the beach

When she was done on the beach she came back to the surf shop to rent a surf board. The employees were very nice and showed her all of her options. She was so excited.

Sora also found some really cool skateboards he liked in the shop.

While Suna was busy surfing, Sora was climbing some trees and doing some awesome parkour moves.

Afterwards, we watched Suna surf for awhile and decided to go check out a new hang glider for Sora.

It was a very busy day but we had a lot of fun. I had some awesome food. Sora and Suna are here for a week and then they will be back in Japan. Suna had so much fun, she’s considering moving to Ocean City. It should be a fun week.

In other news, I heard Kevin is going to be visiting Osaka this Friday. I hope he has time to visit Yaki. It would be nice to see how he is doing. I haven’t seen Yaki since my last visit to Japan.

-Nurse Kat

Kumo- Super Takos Message from Tokyo Japan

I received an email from my good friend Kevin and Kumo today. Kumo was born and lives in Tokyo. Kevin has been nice enough to be my photographer in Japan! Kevin, originally from South Jersey like Nurse Kat, would like to show everyone where the Takos are from, are currently living, or just hanging out. Kevin and Kumo were hanging out this weekend, and took a few photos so everyone could see where he is from. How nice of him!

Two of Kumo’s favorite things are sports and giant robots. After all he was hatched by landing on the Tokyo Dome, bouncing off, and rolling into the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara.

Super Takos Kumo Tokyo Dome Profile

The Tokyo Dome is a huge baseball stadium for the Yomiuri Giants. There are many other events that happen at this stadium as well. Kumo tells me that the original nickname for the Tokyo Dome is “The Big Egg”. The Tokyo Dome also has some funny baseball rules specifically for its stadium. A ball which hits or is trapped by the hanging items out in the outfield area’s roof will be a home run. Hitting any other part of the roof is in-play. Prize money will be given out if any home run hits the ads in the scoreboard. Here are some pictures of Kumo at Tokyo Dome.

Super Takos Kumo Tokyo Dome Mosaic

Kumo was also at the Gundam Cafe. This is definitely his favorite place to eat. I actually got to visit the Gundam Cafe while I was staying in Japan learning about all of the Super Takos and finding homes for them. Kumo said he had his favorite; Setsuna x Graham. Its a cheese pizza and ham gratin.

Super Takos Kumo Akihabara Gundam Cafe

I was so happy to hear from Kevin and Kumo. Kevin was contacted by a few of the other Takos as well. I hope they send me pictures too.

~Nurse Kat

Super Hello

I was hanging out with the a few of the Takos today and they asked to get a little group shot together to say hello and welcome you to the new website. The takos will be getting their photo shoots together soon so you can see what each one looks like! Keep an eye out on the Meet the Super Takos Page. But until then, here is a pic of a few of them.

The Adoption Center is now open. If you would like to adopt please send us a message! I’ll be making updates of what the Super Takos are up to and some of the crazy things we do together. Thanks again for visiting the site! Please adopt a Tako. They are always looking for new homes. The adoption is $25 and it will cost me $5 to ship them out to you. (up to two Super Takos)

-Nurse Kat