Super Tako Guardians

Nurse Kat and Hunter

I’m Nurse Kat and this is my husband Hunter. We run the Super Tako adoption center and Kat’s Anime Hats. I’m responsible for taking care of the Takos and making plushies and hats to sell to help pay for the Super Takos food, travel costs, schooling, and the adoption center. Ume is my Tako and we love making all sorts of things. We even bake sometimes. Hunter feeds the Takos and plays games with them. He adopted Gemuoba when he was a little boy and both have been best friends since. Together, we are on a mission to find and hatch any Tako eggs that need help. We travel to Japan when we can to check up on all of the Takos and make sure they are getting all the care they need.
Birth Date:Nurse Kat- February 25 Hunter November 25
Birthplace: New Jersey
Favorite Colors: Black and Red
Blood Type: Nurse Kat- A Hunter- O
Favorite Food: I like chocolate and Harajuku ice cream crepes while Hunter likes sushi and buffalo chicken cheesesteaks
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