Super Tako Stories



Hikari Super Tako
Meaning: Light
Personality/Background: Hikari is the most intelligent of the group and loves reading and math. She isn’t a big fan of cold weather. She loves her hometown of Okinawa and its tropical temperatures. Hikari’s egg was stuck in a palm tree after the eggs fell back down to earth.
One day a little girl was tanning herself and reading a book. A bird saw the little tako egg and tried to take it. The bird couldn’t hold onto the egg and it landed on the pages inside of Sky’s book. Sky watched in amazement as the tako egg and her book transformed into Hikari. They have been best friends ever since. Hikari, quite frequently, helps Sky study and helps her with her homework. She also is an animal lover. She even has her own pet owl named Yoru.
Birth Date: Jan 14 2011
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Gender: Female
Color: Yellow
Blood Type: B
Time of Birth: 5am
Favorite Food: Pineapple


Mizu Super Tako
Meaning: Water
Personality/Background: Mizu’s Tako egg was floating in the ocean when the fisherman found him. The fisherman, Mr Sakana, was having a wonderful day of fishing. He caught Mizu’s tako egg by mistake right as he was about to end his fishing trip. Mr. Sakana had no idea what this cute little blue ball with eyes was, however he placed Mizu’s tako egg in the fish he had caught for the day anyway. Something told him he shouldn’t throw it back. By the time they got back to shore, Mizu had fully transformed into a Super Tako. Mizu loves to fish and swim. He frequently visits the local fish market.
Birth Date: June 6 2010
Birthplace: Sapporo, Japan
Gender: Male
Color: Teal
Blood Type: O
Time of birth: 5pm
Favorite Food: Yellowfin Tuna


Goma Super Tako
Meaning: Seasame
Personality/Background: Goma is the shy one of the group. He’s so shy and nervous that he takes his security blanket and everywhere. He doesn’t speak very loudly and doesn’t really talk too much unless he has something really important to say. Goma’s tako egg landed in a convenience store storage area. He was wedged behind boxes for a long time. Finally, the convenience store owners cat knocked over a box that hit the little tako egg. The egg rolled into the black sesame seeds that had fallen out of the box. Goma’s best friend is the kitty from the store. That may be why he’s a little shy. He’s always looking for more friends. Oh, and his security blanket, is a small hand towel Goma found in the back of the store.
Birth Date: Oct 31 2010
Birthplace: Kobe, Japan
Gender: Male
Color: Black
Blood Type: AB
Time of Birth: 11 PM
Favorite Food: Curry and Dumplings


Ume Super Tako
Meaning: Plum
Personality/Background: Ume loves making costumes and is a master of disguise. She loves to help out at the local hospital and daycare in South Jersey. Ume’s tako egg transformed when it rolled through a hospital in Yokohama and landed in a drawer full of gauge wraps. She helped out at the hospital for a few months but is now living with Nurse Kat and helping with her sewing. Ume is super friendly and always gets along with everyone. Ume also lives with Hunter and Gemuoba since Nurse Kat is married to Hunter. For more of Gamuoba’s story….keep reading!
Birth Date: Feb 25 2011
Birthplace: Yokohama, Japan
Gender: Female
Color: Purple
Blood Type: AB
Time of Birth: 7pm
Favorite Food: Plums, Pears, and Grapes


Yaki Super Tako
Meaning: Cook
Personality/Background: Yaki’s egg landed right back in the lap of the son of the takoyaki chef, Fuyu. Fuyu carried around the egg for years. Finally Fuyu opened up his own ramen house. One day Fuyu accidentally dropped the Tako egg into the ramen broth….Yaki was born. Fuyu was so happy. He felt as though he was friends with Yaki forever. They hang out all the time and Yaki frequently helps Fuyu cook in his shop. Yaki will eat almost anything. He thinks food challenges are fun and loves to eat at the local sushi go round, well, everything except octopus of coarse. Yaki loves his chopsticks and cooking. Yaki is also the leader of the Super Takos.
Birth Date: Aug 7 2010
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Gender: Male
Color: Red
Blood Type: A
Time of Birth: 3pm
Favorite Food: Ramen, Okonomiyaki, Sushi


Midori (Bright Green) Super Tako
Meaning: Green
Personality/Background: Midori was brought up by the deer in the park of Nara. The deer in Nara took care of Midori’s Tako egg for a very long time. Each deer family would take turns watching the egg and would make sure it was safe. One day a baby deer took the egg to the local shrine where a monk was washing the floor. The deer rolled the egg to the monk. As the egg hit the soapy water, it transformed into Midori. Midori learned the best cleaning skills from the monks at the temple.
One day a mom and her daughter saw Midori cleaning the temple floors. The family was from the US and was very interested in the Midori. After speaking with the monk, the family decided to adopt Midori and take her back to the US. Midori currently is living with Mrs Anna and her daughter. Midori helps Mrs Anna with her cleaning, cooking, and getting her daughter ready for school. Midori always finds time to go for walks where she can see deer in the forest. She frequently writes to the monk. Midori likes taking care of the other Takos. She loves keeping things clean. She may be even a little over organized. She is the responsible one of the group.
Birth Date: March 3 2011
Birthplace: Nara, Japan
Gender: Female
Color: Green
Blood Type: O
Time of Birth: 12pm
Favorite Food: Leche and Salad


Sakura Super Tako
Meaning: Cherry Blossom
Personality/Background: Sakura’a Tako egg was stuck up on the Kiyomizu-dera temple. One day in spring, a storm came through and blew Sakura’s egg down the stairs of the temple and bounced into a cherry blossom tree. Sakura was transformed by touching the newly blossomed petals. A geisha named Hana was walking by and saved Sakura from falling out of the tree. The geisha, taught Sakura everything she knew about becoming a geisha. Sakura loves the performing arts. She loves to dance with her fan and to play instruments.
Birth Date: May 14 2010
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Gender: Female
Color: Light Pink
Blood Type: AB
Time of Birth: 9am
Favorite Food: Cherry Blossom Ice Cream and Mochi


Sora (Baby Blue) Super Tako
Meaning: Sky
Personality/Background: Sora’s egg was stuck on a ski lift. Eventually the egg rolled off and fell down to earth. His egg transformed when he hit one of the Nagano mountains. We aren’t sure which mountain he hit since he rolled so far down the mountain side. Nagano has 9 of the 12 highest mountains in Japan. This probably explains why he loves hang gliding, doing parkour, and sometimes goes snowboarding with Yuki. He also loves to skateboard. Sora is definitely a daredevil. He frequently watches the X-Games and the Olympics whenever he can.
Birth Date: July 15 2010
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
Gender: Male
Color: Light Blue
Blood Type: A
Time of Birth: 4pm
Favorite Food: Soba


Ninjin Super Tako
Meaning: Carrot
Personality/Background: Ninjin’s egg was buried by a rabbit. One day the rabbit buried a carrot in the same hole. He must have forgotten Ninjin egg was buried there! The carrot transformed Ninjin into his Super Tako form. Ninjin has his own veggie garden. He loves keeping all of his veggies in pots so he can move them around the house he lives in and can put the plants outside when it is nice out. He also likes building and fixing things. Mr Kyo works at a local car manufacturer and you can, quite often, find Ninjin helping out. He loves putting things together. He constantly emails and writes to Kumo to give and get advice on better ways to put things together.
Birth Date: Nov 19 2010
Birthplace: Hiroshima, Japan
Gender: Male
Color: Orange
Blood Type: B
Time of Birth: 2am
Favorite Food: Anything he can grow himself, especially tomatoes and carrots


Yuki (White) Super Tako
Meaning: Snow
Personality/Background: Yuki was born on a snowy day in Nemuro. She is a snowboarding Tako that is the social butterfly of the group. Gets along with everyone but loves hanging out with Sora since they both like snowboarding. She is always on her phone, computer, and constantly writes letters to all of the Takos. When she is not snowboarding, she is hiking in the parks of Hokkaido.
Birth Date: Dec 25 2010
Birthplace: Nemuro, Japan
Gender: Female
Color: White
Blood Type: O
Time of Birth: 4am
Favorite Food: Granola bars, Popsicles, and Udon


Ichigo (Dark Pink) Super Tako
Meaning: Strawberry
Personality/Background: It’s no secret Ichigo loves sweets!! He constantly thinks about food and how to get more candy. Ichigo was born when he landed in the icing at a Mr Donut shop. Ichigo also goes to Akihabara and Harajuku quite frequently. He likes to visit the up and coming idol girls in the maid cafes and encourages them to do their best. He thinks the girls are very nice and likes when they dance and sing.
Birth Date: Sept 3 2010
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Gender: Male
Color: Dark Pink
Blood Type: AB
Time of Birth: 4am
Favorite Food: Strawberry Sand (strawberry sandwich), Pocky, every donut at Mr Donut, and anything that tastes sweet


Suna (Tan) Super Tako
Meaning: Sand
Personality/Background: Suna’s tako egg transformed when her egg landed in surfboard wax. She loves surfing and going to the beach. She is shy when it comes to talking to the other female takos, but she has to issue talking to the guys. She is kind of the “tom-boy” of the group. She’s not into girly makeup and would rather be surfing, skating, or roller skating. Suna is also the only vegetarian Tako. She never really liked meat. She tried it but it just grosses her out.
Birth Date: July 1 2010
Birthplace: Akita, Japan
Gender: Female
Color: Tan
Blood Type: O
Time of birth: 1pm
Favorite Food: Edamame, tofu, and other veggies


Kumo Super Tako
Meaning: Cloud
Personality/Background: Kumo loves giant robots, sports, and loves to play practical jokes on the other Takos. Kumo’s egg was actually stuck up in the clouds for a long time. One day it rained and his egg fell down into Tokyo. The egg landed on the Tokyo Dome, bounced off, and he ended up all the way in Akihabara at the Gundam Cafe! It landed in the lap of the Gundam outside and transformed into Kumo. Kumo is still living in Tokyo today. He loves watching the Yomiuri Giants and putting models together.
Birth Date: April 1 2011
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Gender: Male
Color: Gray
Blood Type: A
Time of Birth: 10pm
Favorite Food: Pizza


Gemuoba Super Tako
Meaning: Game Over
Personality/Background: Gemuoba was the first tako to be born. His Tako egg landed on a video game system. His transformation was a little strange. His headband took on the same pattern as the controller. Gemuoba plays video games with some of the super takos and gives out valuable advice when the young takos need it. He loves technology and spends most of his time helping out at the local retro video game store. His best human friend is Hunter. They were born the same year. Gemuoba was born at Hunter’s next door neighbors house. A two year old named John lived there. Gemuoba lived there for a few years after his transformation. John’s mom wouldn’t let him keep the Tako so Hunter took care of him when he turned 5. This was the first Super Tako adoption. Now that they are all older, Gemuoba, John, and Hunter hang out all the time. When Gemuoba isn’t playing video games, he is reading manga or watching anime. Gemuoba lives with Hunter in New Jersey now with Nurse Kat and Ume.
Birth Date: Oct 18 1983
Birthplace: New York, NY, USA
Gender: Male
Color: Teal (has Console headband)
Blood Type: A-
Time of Birth: 9am
Favorite Food: Cheesesteaks, Onigiri, and tacos


Nami Super Tako
Meaning: Wave
Personality/Background: Nami is one of the few Takos that landed in the USA. She was transformed when she fell onto a Marine’s jacket. She lives with the military family that just moved to Okinawa. She is the first tako to discover there are others like her and starts to search for others like herself. It was hard for her in the beginning because she was living in a new place. She met Hikari and was super excited to find the other Takos. Since then, they have discovered each other and hang out frequently. Nami is usually the one setting up parties so all of the Takos keep in touch.
Birth Date: March 17 2012
Birthplace: Audubon, NJ, USA
Gender: Female
Color: Green/ Gold Underbelly
Blood Type: O
Time of Birth: 3am
Favorite Food: MRE (meal ready to eat), bananas, and melon pan. She is having a hard time adjusting to Japanese food but Hikari is helping her find things she likes


Subarashii Super Tako
Meaning: Fabulous
Personality/Background: Subararashii is a super cool tako that is into all the newest fashion styles of Harajuku. She likes to hang out with all of the different crowds of people and try different fashions. She loves hanging out with Ume because she can make her new clothes to wear, cool jewelry, and sunglasses.


A young aspiring singer named Alisa Mika was putting her makeup on in Yoyogi park of Harajuku. She was sitting in the grass buy herself trying to figure out the best lyrics for her new song all day but couldn’t come up with anything. She noticed a small sphere that she hadn’t noticed before sitting right next to her. The eyes peeked up and she couldn’t help but wonder what this was. She noticed it didn’t have a mouth and felt sorry for it. She took her lipstick and drew a mouth. “That’s better she thought”. The egg wiggled and swirled and suddenly burst into a new Super Tako Subarashii! Alisa Mika now had all sorts of things to sing about now that she found her new friend.Subarashii ran all over Yoyogi park checking out all of the new cool kids. She is quite a different tako. But she likes being different because she thinks being different is way more interesting. Alisa and Subarashii frequently travel to San Francisco and Harajuku to compare fashions and help Alisa with her singing career. They both love adventuring to new and interesting places.
Birth Date: August 11,2013
Birthplace: Harajuku, Japan
Gender: Female
Color: Light Purple,Black, and rainbow underbelly
Blood Type: O
Time of Birth: 2pm
Favorite Food: Tamagachi Donut store donuts and ice cream crepes